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Company Offers 45% Fix Profit

Forex Is Reliable Institution Around The Country.Company Pays You 45% profit On Minimum Amount Of 10,000Rs
Limited Time Offer
skype name onlinejobs2012

COJ Browser Training

Change COJ Assignment Link

If you have completed the first link and want to work on the second link, then follow these steps:

Step 1: Open your Cyber online jobs account and copy new link given at the bottom of home page (as shown below):
Step 2: In COJ Browser go to red Reporting menu and click Open Folder.
Step 3: Open the COJAssignment.txt file.
Step 4: Delete the previous link and paste new one.
Step 5: Restart COJ Browser

Step 6: Change the Add value to 1500 for 2nd link.
Don’t write values like (15011502,….) etc.

Note: This is the number of entries you have completed in previous links. Change the Add value only after changing the data entry link. Possible values are (1500300045006000, ……..) etc.

Step 7: Start working normally from tab 1 to onwards. The report will automatically start from 1500, 1501, 1502….etc.

COJ Browser Basic Tutorial

Step 1. After you have successfully installed all of the required softwares, an icon will be placed on your desktop like this:
Step 2. Double Click the icon to open the COJ Browser. This will open up the login screen. Enter your COJ id and password (given by SMCyber), as shown below:
(Note: Enter user id in capital letters. Password is Case-Sensitive.)

Step 3After successful login, you will see the main screen of software, as shown below:

Step 4. To get started, just enter the starting and ending link numbers on the extreme top left of the main screen,(default 1 to 5), as shown below:
Step 5. Then go to blue COJ menu and Click Open Tabs (this will open all the mentioned tabs on just one click).
Step 6. After the pages have been loaded, then click the Enter Data in COJ menu or enter the data on each tab using the Speed Typing.

Step 7. After entering data, go to COJ menu again and then Click Next and Confirm (this will automatically click the Next button and then Confirm button on each tab).
(Note: CyberOnlineJobs has default delay of seconds on Next button and 6 Seconds on Confirm button.)

Step 8. After confirmation you will see the screen to enter Captcha code. You will manually enter the captcha code here and then click the Next button also.

Step 9. After you see the View Posting screen on all tabs, go to COJ menu again and Click the View Postingbutton (this will take you to the verification screen).

Step 10. Once the verification page loads, go to COJ menu again and Click the Verification button (this will take you to the reporting screen).

Step 11. Once you reach the reporting screen, go to COJ menu again and Click the Reporting button (this will automatically generate report of all the opened tabs on just one click). You will see another screen (as shown below).
Step 12. To see where the report have been generated, go to red Reporting menu and click Open Folder (this will open a folder containing your report).
Step 13. Your report will be created with the name DataEntryReport.txt. Double click the report file to open it. You will see that your name and user id has automatically been entered in the report. Also you don’t need to manually change the date for every entry. COJ Browser will automatically pick the current date and will generate the report accordingly.
Step 14. Next go to Reporting menu and click Close All Tabs (this will close all the opened tabs and will take you to the main link page).

Step 15. Now just change the starting and ending tab number (e.g 6 to 10) and repeat from step 5 onward.

Thanks for using COJ Browser.
If you still have any issues then send us an email at:, for further support you can call us at:            +92-345-8043498